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Iconpack selector in 4.2's preferences

Icon Packs allow a user to change the icons of a skin. (for example, the medium icons, menu icons, etc.)

Trillian 4.2 for Windows has introduced an iconpack selector. (forum search for iconpacks)


Trillian Icon Packs

Trillian 3.0 introduced the early stages of STIXE Icon Packs. No longer were STIXE skins icons a part of the skin itself, but rather a part of the STIXE system. All icons, like sounds and emoticons, existed under the trillian/stixe/ directory.

Trillian 4.2 for Windows introduced an iconpack selector under Preferences -> Skins -> Emoticons, Icons, and more. Icon packs can either be placed under <Trillian>\stixe\icons or in the user's settings directory under %APPDATA%\Trillian\stixe\icons. (You may have to create the folders yourself if it is under %APPDATA%.) The %APPDATA% route should be the recommended location for Icon Pack installers since it allows individual icon pack customization on a per-user basis as well as not needing to be in an account with administrator privileges.

Trillian 5 for Windows sums all skin related stuff like Full skins, Custom Windows, Stixe Interfaces, Chatviews, Emoticon Packs and Icon Packs up under Preferences -> Skins .

Building a STIXE Icon Pack

The easiest way to build your own STIXE Icon Pack is to start off with copying the trillian/stixe/icons/default/ directory. Rename your directory copy to a unique yet simple name. You are now ready to begin editing the files within. Like Skins and Sound Packs there are two files which are currently required: desc.txt and main.xml. The format for each file are as follows:

My Icon Pack Name v3.0
My description and any copyrights that would go along with the Icon Pack.
<bitmap name="standard_icon_name" file="../../stixe/icons/icon_pack_name/filename.extension"/>
<taskbaricon name="standard_icon_name" file="../../stixe/icons/icon_pack_name/filename.ico"/>

The only file that you need to change is the desc.txt file, setting each line to meet your icon packs name and description. Although the main.xml file is there to be touched, it is strongly recommended that you leave this file as-is until Cerulean Studios determines how Icon Packs will develop. (However, you should change the directory names to reflect your directories.)

The next step is to edit each graphic file. simply replace each icon copied over with one of your own. Be sure that you eliminate all of Kids graphics from your new files in order to prevent copyright infringement.

Finally, in order to get STIXE to properly reference your Icon Pack you need to edit the stixe/trillian.dtd file. As long as you or any user stays away from the advanced panel of any stixe skin you should be ok. Unfortunately, at the time of this writing Cerulean Studios has yet to code the selection of Icon Packs into the advanced panel, and the trillian.dtd file is prone to change. (Alternately, The Configurator / The 'Pack Rat allows users to select Icon Packs.)

Integrating a STIXE Icon Pack into a Non-STIXE Skin

Integration of any current STIXE Icon Pack into a non-stixe skin requires accurate references to STIXE's current Icon Pack standards. However, Tometheus has written a guide here for non-STIXE skinners who are feeling wild and reckless, including a DTD file to handle the majority of the code for you.

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