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Trillian can be extended with third-party plugins. Extract the .zip to "C:\Program Files\Trillian\Plugins\" then look in Preferences > Plugins.


Action Pack

Author : Skiingwiz
Version : (Dec 2005)
Trillian : 4.x, 5.x


This plugin adds new actions for Trillian Automation. The actions are:
  • Shut Down Computer
  • Restart Computer
  • Turn Off Monitor
  • Turn On Monitor
  • Turn Monitor to Low Power Mode
  • Turn Screen Saver On
  • Lock Computer (NT Kernal Only)
  • Log Off Current User (NT Kernal Only)
  • Mute Master Volume
  • Unmute Mater Volume
  • Toggle Master Volume Mute
  • Create Balloon-ToolTip
  • Kill Process
  • Raise Volume 5%
  • Lower Volume 5%
  • Show (custom) Send IM dialog
  • FTP/HTTP File Upload/Download
  • Adjust System Volume
  • Show Trillian Preferences
  • Copy, Move, Rename, Delete file
  • Write to File
  • Set/Toggle File Attributes
  • Set the Local Avatar (buddy icon)
  • Time Delayed / Recurrent Event
  • Close Message Window (3.x Only)
  • Send Windows Message
  • Show New Away Message Dialog
  • Execute Program

More Details and Discussions

Author: Skiingwiz
Birthday Calendar (BDC)

Author : sanderv
Version : 0.20 (Jul 2006)
Trillian : 4.x, 5.x


The Birthday Calendar Plugin will alert you of upcoming birthdays of your friends.

Still seems to work in Trillian 5.

More Details and Discussions

Author: sanderv

Author : aghle
Version : 0.8 (Jul 2003)
Trillian : 4.x, 5.x


Download (no BDC)

A small calendar plugin that draws a monthly calendar on the contact list. It can also display the Birthdays.xml made by the Birthday calendar (BDC) plugin.

NOTE: This plugin only works on Contactlist with background. This includes the Default Trillian 5 skin, Windows Dark and Cobalt skins. It does not work correctly in Avion Pro5 or Cordonata skins.

More Details and Discussions

Author: aghle
Chatview Plugin

Author : FUzKUz & Scream81
Version :
Trillian : 4.x, 5.5

Download (Plugin)

Download Chatview.exe (Installer)

This plugin provides more message styles for your Trillian Client. After activating the plugin you can find the new chatviews in Trillian Preferences - Skins - Message Styles Section. The Plugin also notifies you about new chatviews or updates for the plugin.

Some Skins come with there own set of message styles or are too dark for these new message styles, so the Plugin will not work on them.

These Skins are Avion Pro, Windows Dark and Cobalt Black Magick.

More Details

Discussion Forum Thread

Author: FUzKUz & Scream81

Author : Diarrhio
Version : 1.14 (Jun 2004)
Trillian : 4.x, 5.x


Do Me - To Do/Task List Plugin

It's a To Do list for the main Trillian window. Features include:

  • Support for any number of tasks
  • Reminders (in the form of System Tray, Sounds, and/or Prompt Window)
  • Fully customizable
  • Many more features

Author: Diarrhio
Far Away

Author : KingIR
Version : 0.2.1 (Feb 2006)
Trillian : 4.x, 5.x


Far Away is a very simple plugin which sets your Trillian away state based on the programs currently running on your computer. Could be nifty e.g. for gamers.

Just Set up an away message in Trillian and add it to a programm in the plugin preferences.

Automation Events:

  • Far Away: Watched program launched

Variables: %exe_path% and %exe_name%

  • Far Away: Watched program shut down

Variables: %exe_path% and %exe_name%

  • Far Away: all watched programs shut down

Variables: none

Unzip the dll-file to your trillian\plugins folder.

More Details and Discussions

Author: KingIR
Good News

Author : KingIR
Version : 1.1.6 (Oct 2009)
Trillian : 4.x, 5.x


Good News is a news feed reader plugin for Trillian with RSS 0.9x/1/2 and Atom support. Together with Trilly Tunes you can even listen to your favorite podcasts.

Full Feature List

  • RSS 0.9x, 1.0 and 2.0 feeds
  • ATOM 0.3 and 1.0 feeds
  • News alerts
  • You can import your feeds from the old CS News plugin
  • Feed Groups
  • Feed Item Filter
  • Merge multiple feeds to appear as one
  • Enabling/Disabling Feeds
  • Sorting via Drag&Drop
  • Podcast support (you can send podcast episodes directly to Trilly Tunes or download them)
  • Podcast auto-download (Podcatching)
  • OPML Export/Import
  • HTTPS (SSL and TLS) and HTTP authentication support
  • Feed logo image support
  • Extra Encoding Edition supports over 130 character encodings through libiconv

More Details and Discussions

Author: KingIR
IMMerge - Tool

Author : zAlbee
Version : 1.05
Trillian : 4.x, 5.x


What it does:

Do you use Trillian on multiple computers to chat? IMmerge can synchronize your chat logs together, in chronological order. It can even merge in certain logs from the original clients (ICQ Pro/2003b, ICQ Lite/5.1, MSN 7.5/Windows Live Messenger). All merged logs come out as Trillian-format.

IMmerge supports:

  • merging classic text logs (.LOG) from all versions of Trillian 0.74 - 4.2, Basic and Pro
  • merging new XML logs (.XML) from Trillian 3.0+ Basic and Pro. This means you can continue to view your history with the Trillian *3.0+ Pro history viewer.
  • converting between Trillian plain-text (.LOG) and XML, automatically during merging
  • converting ICQ Pro (98-2003b) logs into Trillian LOG and XML, automatically during merging
  • converting ICQ Lite (4.0-5.1) logs into Trillian LOG and XML, automatically during merging
  • converting MSN (7.5) and WLM (8.0+) logs into Trillian LOG and XML, automatically during merging

More Details and Discussions

Author: zAlbee
Message Notifier

Author : Josh Rosenbaum
Version : 1.38 (Mar 2007)
Trillian : 4.x, 5.x


This Trillian plugin notifies you by keyboard lights and/or pc speaker sound when someone sends you a message. It will flash the num/caps/scroll lock keys (selectable) either all at once, or one at a time. It can also flash the number of messages that you have received since you've been gone. There are many sounds to choose from, or you can disable them. Priority sounds can be setup to activate on certain text or by certain users sending messages. Limits can be set on both lights and sounds, so you can have the alert activated for only a few seconds, or forever. (They are also automatically disabled upon user input.) You can set notification to ignore certain mediums, as well as to ignore IRC group messages. Message Notifier can also ignore specific users as well. Can be activated by screen saver, on away, automatically, or manually. Plus many more options.

More Details

Author: Josh Rosenbaum

Author : quietbritishjim
Version : 2.22
Trillian : 4.x, 5.x


Its a little plugin to let you add as many searches to your contact list as you like, either in the Social section or its own section. Also supports aliases for all searches.

More Details and Discussions

Author: quietbritishjim
Page Checker (PCH)

Author : sanderv
Version : 0.03 (Oct 2003)
Trillian : 4.x, 5.x


The "Page Checker (PCH)" plugin will alert you of changes in selected web pages.

It is also able to focus on a certain part of the page you are checking.

More Details and Discussions

Author: sanderv
Share Watcher

Author : xan
Version : 1.2.137
Trillian : 4.x, 5.x


Share Watcher is a plugin for Trillian that alerts the user when a Windows share is accesed.

You can select what type of alerts you want to receive:

  • enter events (when a user enters a share);
  • leave events (when a user leaves a share);
  • presence events (when a user has accesed a share for a configurable period of time).

More Details and Discussions

Author: xan
Show It - Image Slider

Author : wj.roozemond
Version : 1.00.06
Trillian : 4.x, 5.x


Images supported in jpg,gif,tif,png,bmp format. Supports image rotation,set on background, keep aspect ratio. Rotation and exclusion do not modify your images. Adjustable timer, adjustable click on image action. Options are available in the popup menu.

Hereby the complete list size

  • Recursive directory scan
  • Supports: jpg,gif,tif,bmp,png
  • Adjustable timer - intervals
  • Adjustable click on image action (next, set on desktop, preview,set caption)
  • Rotate, exclude without affecting your picture
  • Adjustable panel size
  • Keep aspect ratio/stretch
  • Automation - Next image event
  • Automation - Next image action
  • Slide in 'my Avatar'
  • Add a caption and show it as notification

More Details and Discussions

Author: wj.roozemond

Author : Christoffer Adolphsson
Version : 1.3.1
Trillian : 4.x, 5.x


A small Trillian plug-in to show currently played Spotify song in Trillian's status field. Works with both Astra and regular Trillian..

Known Bugs: Some of you may experience trouble viewing the music note symbol correctly and will instead see a little box. This plug-in will set your status to anything that is playing in spotify. I'm not able to filter out commercial messages etc. Sorry.

More Details and Discussions

Author: Christoffer Adolphsson

Author : DreamCycle Studios
Version : 1.6.1
Trillian : 4.x, 5.x


TalkBack is a freeware plugin for Cerulean Studios Multi-Medium chat client Trillian. It was designed to be as lightweight and flexible as possible.

It will read any message sent to a chat window aloud, but has the ability to ignore or replace words, making it easier for the TTS engine to speak jargon such as LOL as "laugh out loud". The ignore feature is helpful in instructing the plugin to ignore things like URLs, which can be a real pain to listen to; unless you enjoy that kind of thing. The ignore feature incorporates the Boost regular expression library which will let you input regular expressions into the ignore list making it much easier to filter out unwanted words and phrases. In addition you can attach TTS to any trillian event, define a hotkey to immediately cease speech output; and embed speech tags into your converstations. Through this you can change how your contact hears your voice if they also have the plugin installed.

English TTS package

More Details and Discussions

Author: DreamCycle Studios

Author : Skiingwiz
Version :
Trillian : 4.x, 5.x


Add events based on Incoming Triggers

From the preferences add words to use as triggers. Then when you create a new event, (from the Events section of the preferences) under the Program Generated events there will be events for each of the triggers you have set up. You can then set up actions for these events to trigger.

How is this different from the same functionality in Word Matching? Well, the variables that are available with each trigger event. It has the same ones available from word matching and a few extras, listed below.

This allows you to do many things that word matching does not, for example: if you set up a trigger !fileExe and then set an event to execute a file with the file name as %1% and the arguments as %2% then you can remotely trigger a file execution. E.g. the IM "!fileExe explorer.exe D:" will run Windows Explorer with the D drive as the location.

Variables for trigger events

More Details and Discussions

Author: Skiingwiz
Trillian OTR - Risen

Author : Thisita
Version :
Trillian : 4.x, 5.x


This project provides Off-the-Record messaging support for Trillian as a continuation of Kittyfox Communication's plugin.


  • Off the Record Messaging
  • Option to automatically open OTR session
  • Option to save a local copy of private history (Trillian will not log history while private)


More Details and Discussions

Author: Thisita
Trillian Cloud Photo Deleter

Author : FUzKUz
Version : v1.2.1 130502
Trillian : 3.x, 4.x, 5.x


Many Trillian users asked for a way to delete the photos that are stored on the Trillian cloud. The Dev’s posted a link in the offical forum.

With this link I made a plugin so you can easily reach your storage.

The plugin got a little newsfeed feature too,so you are always up to date for new projects =)

More Details and Discussions

Author: FUzKUz

Author : typobox43
Version : 1.2.2
Trillian : 4.x, 5.x


TrillNotes is a plugin for Trillian Pro that allows you to write notes on your contact list.

The current features of TrillNotes include:

  • Easy backup of notes, including FTP backups
  • PASV mode support for FTP
  • Note grouping
  • Export notes to a text file
  • Copy notes to the clipboard with a simple context menu selection
  • Remember window positions

More Details and Discussions

Author: typobox43
Trilly Tunes 2.0

Author : KingIR
Version : Beta Release 8
Trillian : 4.x, 5.x


It has been rewritten from scratch and contains a big bunch of new and amazing features. Please note that it is impossible to show all the new stuff in a single screenshot. Download, try out and see yourself!

New features include but are not limited to:

  • Two types of Live Folders
  • Stream Recording
  • Speed and stability improvements
  • Audio CD playback
  • Winamp DSP plugin support
  • Enhanced Remotes
  • Cover Art

If it's crashing try removing it from C:\Program Files\... and installing it to C:\Users\...\Trillian\Plugins instead. You can find the right folder by hitting the Windows+R keys, entering %appdata%\Trillian\plugins and clicking OK.

More Details and Discussions

Author: KingIR

Author : Redalien
Version : 2.22
Trillian : 4.x, 5.x


This plugin will read the anonymous usage stats information that trillian gathers, and shows it to you in an easy to understand systray alert box when you start Trillian.

More Details and Discussions

Author: Redalien
World Time Clock

Author : aghle
Version : 1.1 RC6 (May 2003)
Trillian : 4.x, 5.x


The World Time Clock plugin displays a clock in your contactlist with differnet timezone options and Internet time. Especially good to see what time it is for your friend far away around the globe. With day/ night indicators.

More Details and Discussions

Author: aghle
Yahoo Weather

Author :  AdrianH
Version : 1.36
Trillian : 4.x, 5.x


A weather plugin for Trillian!

NOTE: This plugin has only been tested on Trillian Astra and Trillian 5 and it requires .NET 2.0 to be installed.

More Details and Discussions

Author: AdrianH

I only provide links here. There is no guarantee that these plugins still work correctly! --Scream81 05:20, 5 September 2014 (EDT)

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